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new note from amel: relieved

i am relieved to share with whomever's interested that our album is finally finished. it's been quite touching actually, reading your messages asking after the new album and its release date. my level of gratitude is constantly challenged by your tireless support. it means I get to make the best work I possibly can, as an offering of sorts, to you. the first single is called afraid; the album, ice cream everyday. you can pre-order the album here or get a copy of the new single via iTunes. one lovely person will get their album hand delivered by me :) keep reading >>

new note from amel: you are meant to be

Beyond social contract, YOU are beautiful. YOU are good. YOU belong. When you were small, you should have been told how beautiful and wonderful you were. That your hair, face, body and mind were just as they should be. That no one is better or worse than you because of what they have or how they look. You should have been held in the arms of your parents and felt safe and loved. You should have been protected from ugly words and physical violence. You should have been told that as long as you didn’t hurt yourself or others, you could be and do whatever you wanted, as long as it made you happy. That if you made a mistake, you would be forgiven. You should have been made to feel that all the things that make you different from another human being are simply the beautiful puzzle pieces which come together to make YOU. You should have been told that it doesn’t matter WHO you love as long as you LOVE. You should have been told that you are important and the world wouldn’t be the same without you. That if you put your mind to it, you could do ANYTHING. That being a success is defined by YOU and YOUR personal happiness. And lastly, if at this time someone hurt you and never apologized, I want to do it for them: I am sorry... keep reading >>

new note from amel: thankful

let us rise up and be thankful,for if we didn't learn a lot today, at least we learned a little and if we didn't learn a little, at least we didn‚t get 'sick,and if we got sick, at least we didn't die;so,let us all be thankful. ~ Buddha

I chose this quote for its simplicity and its complexity. How easy it should be to know this stuff or read it and apply it and be done with it. Yet, I struggle with this concept. That in itself is an impediment, adding duel heads to the monster at hand. I think to myself, I am not completely ungrateful, that I couldn't identify with this idea, knowing that neither my breath nor my heartbeats are a guarantee?‰ however, this variety of thinking would be categorized as self-criticism, precisely the opposite of my aim, as it only leads one to sadness and stagnation, farther from the original aim of calm, thankful, gratitude for life itself. I try to slow my thoughts, taking a cue from my daily meditation practice, and step back onto the initial train of thought. Can living be enough, more than enough? Must I lose everything to fathom this? I wonder if it is in part due to the society in which I've been raised, where doing, getting, achieving are the goals, so that, one feels unsuccessful and insignificant if they are NOT doing, getting or achieving. keep reading >>

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