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album review: soultracks

The challenge with creating unconventional songs that stray from the traditional pop song structure is finding a way to make it all musically hang together and not make it sound like a self-indulgent artsy mess only understood by high level jazz musicians and hipsters (who, of course, get everything “deep”). It’s the struggle of a lot of electronic music, progressive soul, and scores of nu-jazz, and only the best musicians who are the most aware of the importance of audience accessibility, of melody, of smartly placed harmony, survive being acclaimed beyond that which could fill a Manhattan café. It’s a struggle that the Grammy-nominated Amel Larrieux makes look easy on the forward-thinking, new age soul of Ice Cream Everyday, what is perhaps her greatest artistic achievement since her debut solo album, Infinite Possibilities, if not better. Yes, better. This liberated from all-the-rules progressive soul confection is just that good. Keep Reading >>

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