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check out amel's interview with for their Artist to Artist series! We’ve missed your voice since your last full-length album release, Lovely Standards.  What have you been up to in the past couple years?

Amel: I’ve been on the road a lot.  So much of the new material that will be on the new album has been previewed on the road the past four years.  I’ve never really gone away, but in terms of putting new material out, that’s basically what I’ve been working on since the last album. I know a lot of artists wind up previewing or working new songs live, long before they’re recorded in the studio and released.  How do the songs evolve for you?

Amel: In terms of songs getting previewed on the road, they’re always written and recorded before I do that; they just haven’t been released digitally or physically.

The writing and recording process in general, there is no rhyme or reason or formula. Continue Reading at >>



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